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Automatic Cut-up System

Tail cutter

A process for cutting of tail

Wing Stretcher

By spreading stiff wings of chicken,

The following process after wing cutting makes smooth,

Neck Cutter

As a process for cutting the neck of chicken, if the chicken's

neck is already cut, used to remove skin around neck.

Wing cutter

A process for cutting of wings.

Lengthwise halving cutter

A process for lengthwise halving
cutting of carcass.

Widthwise (breast) cutter

A process for widthwise cutting of body
part from chest to the thigh.

Thigh Cutter

A process for cutting thigh in the
lower parts of the drum stick.

Drum-stick dropper

As a final step of the cut-up system,
Drop off the drum from the shackle

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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