Automatic weighing system

· Selecting up to 13,500 chickens per hour is possible.

· N:N function enables the same weight of chickens to
  be dropped from several places.

· The internet remote control enables technological
  assistance and updating.

· It is possible to drop the needed quantity in the required place.

· Dropping two kinds of weight from one cylinder is possible.

· Compensation of weight either wholly or individually is possible.

· While at work, cylinder switching and weight compensation
  can be operative.

· Chain sagging can be compensated by the sensor and program.

· Weekly and/or monthly management of production state by
  farm family and vehicle is possible(optional).

· When problem occurs at the shackle and weight sensor,
  error message displays.

· Weight and quantity by entity can be figured out and
  treated automated ally.

· Worked data can be figured out and printed by hour.

· Database and graphic processing et al can be freely set up in
  proportion tothe weight the user requires and by the farm family.

· This system is effective in labor force reduction, hygiene
  improvement and output increase, and has the effect of saving
  investment cost when extending the facilities.

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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