Following the rapidly changing modern lifestyle and automation trends, the poultry industry is also

making rapid progress. TAEJIN, the frontrunner in the automation of the poultry processing facility,

is striving through constant research and development to focus on the three main issues of more hygienic

processing capacity; improvement of working environment; and enhancement of productivity − with the

completely automated poultry-processing facility.

Central control system

· The method of enabling the machines to be operated either from the
  center or on the spot at each processing.

· With adoption of the central operation controlling system,
  prompt problem solving is possible by displaying the error
  message in detail on the touch screen when the problem occurs.

· The central operation is of the touch screen method, but
  in case of needlocal controlling is possible at the unit processing.

· For protecting the machine, the internal circuit and the power
  system are divided in order that operation can be executed according
  to processing.

· Emergency stop switches are installed at the appropriate locations or
  required sites of the field in order to stop the work processing in
  case of emergency.

· MCCB, MC and EOCR are installed on each motor in order to protect
  the electric motors.

Camera inspection system

· This system makes the farm management efficient and improves
  efficiency of operation process by gauging the rearing
  state by each farm and defective products generated during
  the transportation

· A quality inspection camera is installed for photographing breast and
  back before the carcass enters into the air chilling chamber in order to
  transmit the data of broken chicken, bruised chicken etc.,
  to the production information and control system, making the control
  efficient and easy.

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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