The chilling processing is a major processing for producing fresh, hygienic and high-quality chicken by chilling the deep-part

temperature of the carcass after evisceration processing to +5℃ or lower, the legal standard value, in order to restrain the

propagation of microorganisms. Chilling method consists of water chilling, air chilling and combination of water and air chilling.

Water chilling

· The water chilling method of the continuous counter current
  principle takes about 40~45minutes, and the completion degree of
  chilling gets higher as the chilling progresses from the first to
  the second, and then to the third stage

· Water used at the third stage is transferred to the second
  stage, water used at the second stage to the first stage,
  and water used at the first stage is returned again after
  filtering, leading to reduction of water consumption.

Air Chilling

· In the case of other companies, water spraying throughout the whole
  interior of room causes the waste of chilling water, and frost formed
  on the heating surface of the unit cooler installed at the upper part
  lowers the chilling efficiency. However, TAEJIN's chilling system,
  having improved these shortcomings, saves water as well as prevents
  the epidermis from getting dry, and lowers the relative humidity of
  the chilling chamber in order to maximize the energy-saving effect,
  by wetting only the required parts of both the inside and outside of
  the passing carcass fully in order to make the carcass absorb enough
  water with the installation of the shower box casing in the right places.
  In addition, by installing the chilling water shower, TAEJIN's
  system pumps the fixed quantity of antiseptic solution, leading to
  increasing the chilling efficiency and restraining the reduction in
  quantity of the antiseptic solution, as well as the disinfection.

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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