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Growth of TAEJIN through develop of talent.

TAEJIN's growth strategy of growing the
business through the growth of people

“People” is the power which can sustain our

success for more than 100 years in the future.

Trust in people in this way the center of

TAEJIN's business strategy.

Growth of TAEJIN through
develop of talent

Taejin believes that long-term growth of the

company is possible only through the people.

We respect all the members and places human

resources development at the top of all

management activities.

Genuine interest and education

TAEJIN has a genuine interest in each individual

and supports their growth. we provide each of

our employees with the opportunity to be able

to grow through work and performance. endow

motivation for each individual's self-esteem and

self-realization, and provide the momentum.

Sustainable growth

TAEJIN pursues the sustainable growth through

human resources in the long-term perspective.

TAEJINS's human resources have ceaselessly rising

skills levels, and derive the growth enthusiastically

through innovation and change. And such business

growth derives the growth of people in turn.

Superior products and thcnology

TAEJIN understands what the customers need

correctly through continuous innovation and

endeavors ceaselessly in order to secure the

differentiated and fudamental competitiveness.

Advanced and scientific
system and processing

TAEJIN provides the foundation for the people

and business to grow together by setting up

advanced and scientific and processing and

establishing efficient ways of working.

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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