Killing, the first processing of the poultry slaughtering operation, is a very important processing of deciding the quality of carcass through

the process of stunning, bloodletting, depilation, etc. The byproducts generated in this processing (blood, feather, chicken head) are transferred to the storage tank

by the transferring device, then transferred to the rendering treatment processing, and then either processed into other products or transferred outside.

Electric stunning machine

· Low-voltage, high-frequency control method

· Innovatively reducing the bruising of the wing part generated in
  the existing suffocation machine

· Regardless of the line speed, maintaining the chickens in the
  stunned state without stopping the heart after the electric shock

· Frequency and electrical strength are adjusted according to the
  state of living body, and the height is adjusted in proportion to the size.

· Automatic level controlling system using the solenoid valve

Killing Machine

· Cutting the carotid artery precisely by the level cutting method

· Preventing the generation of red chicken caused by the poor bloodletting

· Contributing to smooth processing of the evisceration work by preventing
  damage of the air duct and esophagus

· Regardless of the line speed, the machine can be used
  with a simple operation

Bleeding Trough

· The steel frame structure of hot-dip coating is excellent in durability

· The cover installed all over the circumference of the
  blood-let collector prevents the blood splash and makes the
  processing more hygienic


· Designed to create the maximum scalding effect with the movement
  of scalding water by combining the use of stirring suction impeller,
  air blower, steam mix nozzle.

· The steam-stirring mix nozzle is equipped at the bottom of the scalder,
  maintaining an even temperature by mixing water and steam.

· The air aeration device maximizes the scalding efficiency of the part
  between breast and legs which is the blind spot of the carcass

· By installing the real-time monitor instructing the automatic temperature
  condition of each site, it is easy to control the temperature in the
  scalding chamber.


· The angle and location of each line can be freely adjusted both
  vertically and horizontally.

· As a space is plainly secured on both rails by pulling the plucker
  box after a simple lever operation, maintenance, such as changing the
  plucking finger, etc., is very easy.

· Decrease of freshness due to pore rupture and skin damage is
  prevented by eliminating the blind spot of plucking and, simultaneously

· keeping the force from being concentrated intensively on one
  part of carcass

Head Puller & Head Cutter

· There are the head puller type removing the poultry head
  through guide and thecutter type removing by the blade of knife

· Each Adachi attachment belt in the main body of the machine prevents
  the chafing phenomenon on the line by pushing the
  carcass when entering

· As the height of equipment can be adjusted, it is possible to draw
  out the carcass regardless of the size.

Foot Unloader

· Minimizing the machine load by using the MC CAM

· Making the flow smooth at the high speed by the
  line-connection driving method

· Installing the shackle-fixing device for eliminating feet efficiently

Round Plucker

· Eliminating the epidermis of chicken feet efficiently by the
  high-speed spinning finger and the finger attached to the cover.

· Adjustment of the input and output timing and consecutive working
  are possible by the opening and shutting of the cylinder.

· Using the rubber finger in order to avoid damage in the plucking process.

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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