It is the processing of extracting the viscera in the carcass, meaning the process of automated ally transferring the

carcass after plucking to the evisceration processing, dissecting the vent, removing viscera and crop, and then washing.

Hygienic treatment is possible as there is no breakage of carcass during the evisceration processing and breakage of viscera is prevented.

Automatic Rehanging Machine

· More than 99% of rehanging rate is possible by the precise
  control with encoder method.

· In case of momentary load, rehanging is executed at the original site

· In case of the mechanical load occurrence, the cylinder operates and
  carcass automated ally in order to prevent fracture of the leg. When the
  drops the machine is self-restored, the cylinder stops operation

· As rehanging is executed by the clip-typed lever method using the spring
  rather than the lever of given interval, rehanging is possible without any
  fracture of leg though the chicken size is different

· The blade of the chicken-leg cutter is made of 440C material which
  is excellent in durability.

Auto Vent Cutter

· There is no operational error as the probe pole is set at the same work
  standard point all the time in proportion to the size of carcass from
  broiler chicken to Korean national chicken to layer chicken.

· By cutting after pulling back the tail, accurate and hygienic work is
  possible without damage of the tail part.

· After cutting the vent accurately with the rotating circular blade,
  the machine draws up the vent by about 5~6cm and makes it
  hung outside the carcass

· The circular blade for cutting vent is excellent in durability as it is made
  of the high speed steel which is low in wear rate and special-heat treated

· The blade is easy to replace as it is screw driven

· The circular blade passes through the washing section once after the vent
  operation is completed in order to prevent cross-contamination in
  the next processing.

Auto Openning Machine

· TAEJIN's vent-opening machine is capable of bypass, upper and lower
  operation, and adjustment as the occasion demands

· All the materials, by using stainless steel and special material,
  are excellent in durability.

· When opening the vent, a spherical ball is attached to the blade
  fixing device in order to prevent damage of the viscera in the carcass,
  avoiding the contamination of carcass caused by breakage of the viscera.

· By adjusting the stroke of blade operation with the CAM, the machine
  controls the cutting depth, cutting length, etc., letting adjustment
  possible according to various weight and carcass size of semi
  chicken, broiler
  chicken, layer chicken (old chicken) etc.

ARTEC : Art & Technology

· This eviscerator has been developed to be suitable for the characteristics
  of the chicken produced in each country, having large adaptability
  according to the deviation of chicken

· It does not damage the viscera even at a high speed of 12,500
  chickens per hour, and picks up the neck accurately at the
  bottom point of neck guide, extracting the viscera very stably.

· The real-time monitor of the clip-typed eviscerator indicates the hourly
  treatment speed, quantity of chicken and viscera, evisceration rate, and
  evisceration rate per each unit, making management of carcass
  quality and machine very easy.

· The clip-typed spoon of the eviscerator is washed by the injection nozzle
  after the operation is completed, and then returns to the initial processing

· The viscera extracted without damage are automated ally transferred to
  the pack shackle of the viscera processing line, and all the facilities of
  the viscera processing line can be automated, leading to the labor cuts.

· The visceral residue generated during the evisceration work is gathered
  at the collect tank beneath the lower hopper, and is transferred and
  collected at a certain place by the transfer device.

Auto Cropping Machine

· The crop-removing spindle passes through the abdominal cavity of
  carcass and rotates at the neck part, removing the respiratory tract,
  esophagus and crop effectively.

· The spindle rotates and winds the crop and the respiratory tract tube,
  which are separated and removed by the brush

· As the washing water is sprayed to the inside of carcass, the washing
  effect of the carcass is outstanding

· When the spindle is worn out, it can be easily replaced

· Up-and-down operation by hydraulic pressure, adjustment and
  replacement of parts, and maintenance, such as bypass et al, are easy

· All the materials, by selecting the stainless steel 304 and special material,
  are excellent in durability

Auto Final Inspector

· After entering into the internal part, the suction gun effectively
  removes the visceral residue remaining in the abdominal cavity,
  such as lung particle.

· blood corpuscles et al, by strong vacuum pressure

· The units having finished the vacuum suction are washed by the spray
  nozzle in order to prevent the cross contamination in the next work.

· The final inspector controls the vacuum suction rate easily and
  also has the bypass function, making part replacement and
  maintenance convenient

Auto In/Out Washer

· The carcass washer controls the water capacity of external spray by
  independent valve method, and lets up-and-down stroke of the internal
  spray nozzle be controlled.

· As the washing probe at the end part of internal unit opens the
  space of the neck part, the washing water flushes well without
  damaging the carcass.

· As the washing water is sprayed out only when the spray nozzle
  goes up and down inside the carcass, water usage is minimized.

· The washing nozzles are installed at both inside and outside of
  the carcass, making it possible to wash both inside and outside
  at the same time

· Especially durable materials, such as stainless steel et al,
  were selected for all the materials.

Offal processing line

Pack Shackle

· As it is made of the stainless steel material, the pack shackle is
  strong in durability and hygienic. Hinge pin is also good in strength
  and durability as it is made of PET.

· Additional resin foam is attached to the clip part in order to prevent
  any breakage of viscera during the transfer, and the resin foam is
  excellent in inter-convertibility as it was installed at the existing trolley.

Bird Inspection table

· By making carcasses and bulk of viscera pass across two inspection
  tables installed with the three-wavelength illumination system of more
  than 550(LUX) and the reflector simultaneously, the veterinarian can
  inspect them accurately and efficiently without confusion.

Inedible intestine reomver

· The installed screw sweeps down the agglomerated viscera, and cuts
  the inedible parts. The guide is installed to prevent the edible
  byproducts from being damaged. The blade is made of durable and
  strong stainless steel and easily replaced by adjusting the
  blade motor base.

Gizzard dropper

· The blade is made of the stainless steel 440C, and is excellent
  in durability.

· When the dropper enters into the viscera, the slope-adjusting
  guide secures the cutting space at the gizzard, thus allowing
  the dropper to cut the gizzard without damage.

· The motor is adjustable up and down, thus making it possible
  to adjust the cutting point

Gizzard Separator

· The blade is made of durable and strong SUS440C, and easily
  replaced by adjusting the blade motor base

· The safety sensor is installed in order to stop the
  operation for safety when the cover is opened

Gizzard Peeler

· This is the equipment for automated ally peeling the membrane
  attached to the inside of gizzard after removing
  the foreign substances in the gizzard

Heart Unloader

· The pack shackle operated by CAM unloads the heart and,
  after the unloading,the pack shackle is washed by the spray
  nozzle installed at its end part.

· The MC CAM processing contributes to the excellent
  function of the heart unloader, and the upper guide grabs
  the trolley in order to prevent shaking when the clip is opened.

Heart Separator

· The heart unloaded from the heart unloader is separated
  from lung, visceral residue et al by the gap of the
  rotating screw

· The separated heart is discharged by the screw conveyer
  belt, and the discharged heart is transferred to the
  edible by-product workings by the Crank Murzan Pump

Chiller for eidible offals

· Its air aerator prevents the gizzards from being converged
  on one place, and the screw is strong against load capacity
  as it is in the form of bending

· It has superior effect on byproduct washing and chilling,
  and it is excellent in durability as it is made of stainless
  steel material.

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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