The input processing of the live chicken is the first processing stage of placing the live chickens transferred from the farm into

the mooring of the factory and then, inputting them for the production of slaughtered chicken.

Crate Transfer System

· The system minimizes the occurrence of dead chicken,
  and reduces the occurrence of dying and/or damaged chickens.

· It is easy to block the spread of diseases related to
  poultry, such as avian influenza, etc and prevent them in
  advance through washing and disinfecting.

· The system is more convenient and hygienic by taking out
  the live chickens and suspending them into the shackle.

· Inexpensive maintenance cost

Gas stunning system

· Advanced inducement time of gradual stunning

· Minimizing the gas consumption

· The operating system for the safety of workers

· Monitoring of the gas stunning processing is possible

· Indicating the figures in real time and by section at
  the bottom of monitor is possible.

· The work of inputting the live chickens is possible by
  adjusting the speed in proportion to the processing speed

· It is possible to keep the videos and data by matching
  them with each other by the time off-line.

· Video is possible for fixed mode or tracking mode
  (moving along the crate)

· It is possible to store and manage various data automated
  ally all the time.

Overhead Crane type

· Unloading is possible with one worker

· Little breakage of live chicken crates (chicken cage)

· Taking small installation space

· Economically inexpensive

Fork lift type

· Easy handling and maintenance of the machine

· Semi-permanent life

· Workforce-reducing effect

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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