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VACERA, New Challenge of TAEJIN.


Green Technology

This technology is receiving a big response in

as much as it corresponds best to the eco-friendly

construction by distinguishing itself

greatly from existing plating or coloring

method from the angle of eco-friendliness,

Actually, it is known that this technology is as

harmless as used in bone fractures, etc.


Titanium deposition tecxhnology is depositing new alloy in

the space state (extra-high vacuum) using the extra-high

vacci, technology which had been used by many great scholars

in the aerospace field. Titanium deposition is strong in durability,

and the beautiful colors never change, and we can say that our

titanium depsition technology is completed on the basis of such

scientific foundation.


In accordance with the trend of the times, we

established Vacera in the opinion that the

attraction of plasma application technology and

the ripple effects such as added value are

enough to prepare for the future.


This technology is utilized in interior / exterior

materials, revolving doors, front doors, elevators,

etc., of first-class hotels, department stores, sky

scrapers and public institution buildings. It

currently has gained an international reputation

and, and is being exported to USA, Singapore and Taiwan.

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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