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TAEJIN will keep striving to become the world's best.


Automatic poultry processing line

TAEJIN is committed to developing a fully

automated system of automation,as well as

concentrating on the three major issues

focusing on improving processing processing

capabilities, improving working conditions,

improving productivity, and improving


TAEJIN Becoming global brand

In order to provide hygienic and economical

facilities, we are concentrating on expanding

production program investment. We are making

efforts to develop materials and parts with

excellent durability, to nurture professional

workers and to establish a systematic post

management system.

Technology & Quality

We have established a subsidiary technology

development research center, and all lines

are precisely machined with state-of-the-art

3D design and simulation system, and are fully

responsible for site installation, commissioning,

follow-up management and consulting.


We will do our best to provide high satisfaction

with low maintenance cost to consumers by making

overall management easy and high performance equipment.

TAEJIN, extending to the world

Automatic Poultry Processing System

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